We are team of Designers, professionals and technocrats to provide you platform for “Design & Creativity”. We prepares students for:

  • NID Entrance Exam
  • NIFT Entrance Exam
  • SOFT Entrance exam
  • SHRISHTI Entrance exam
  • PEARL Entrance exam
  • MIT Entrance exam
  • UID Entrance exam
  • CEPT Entrance Exam
  • Studio Test and Portfolio Preparation

Our Core & Specilized Area for Above Exams: Physcial Classes, Study Material, Tutorial packages, Question Bank, Sample papers, “Online Mocktest”, Online classes for students preparing for Design and creativity Aptitude Exams For NID, NIFT, SOFT,CEED,SHRISHTI Exam with Design and creativity skills

Do you want to study Design anywhere in India and Abroad ? Whether you are looking to join a local university for your undergraduate or post graduate studies, passing an entry exam is a must. We, FashionAptitude.com, are aware that passing any design entrance examination in India and Abroad is very hard without prior preparation.

For that reason, we specialize in NIFT training and preparing students for various Design exams that they must do and pass in order to be admitted to various colleges and universities across the country.  Being a renowned team of designers and architects, technocrats and experts, Fashion Aptitude offers NID, NIFT, CEED, CEPT, SOFT, SHRISHTI,PEARL,UID and many other exams. We are dedicated to our work as we want you to get admission to the best DESIGN schools all over the country.

We obviously offer you the study material, instant download courses, physical classes, online classes and mocktests for a small fee. Here on fashionaptitude.com we aim to give you:-


  • The best Creative IQ
  • Advanced Design skills
  • High thinking and idealising power for Uniqueness in design process